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Spring 2015 – Becoming a Second Commandment Christian

1. Love the Lord Your God with all your heart soul mind and body or you’ll never be able to love anyone else 2. What’s Love Got To Do With It 3. Killing the selfishness within me (pt 1)
 4. Killing the selfishness within me (pt 2)  5. Relationships    6. Relationships follow up
7. Communicating Cross Culturally – Reaching beyond those who are “like you.” 8. Communication skills within loving your neighbor  9.the Ole Miss Team
 10. Serving – the Biblical Basis for Service 11.Hospitality – thinking about making others comfortable over yourself – Thinking of others more highly than yourselves 12. Conflict resolution
13. How to be a good friend!  14. Befriending the unfriendly `5. Avoiding Clicks

Fall 2014 – Life Principles

1 You Reap What You Sow – Positive 2 Servant Leader 3 Give to Receive
 4 Give to Receive Financial Responsibility  5 Love Conquers All Sacrifice5 Love Conquers All Sacrifice  6 Love Conquers All Forgiveness
 7 Diversity 1 Cor 12  8 Rejoicing in others Victories  9 Dignity and Respect
 10 Learn From Others  11 Faithful Discipler  12 Honor those in Authority

Spring 2014

Revelation 1 Revelation 12-22  3 Ruth
4 Samuel’s Call 5 Saul anointed King  6 David and Goliath
7 Everyone Needs a Jonathan  8 David Spares Saul’s Life  9 The Ark Brought Back to Jerusalem
 10 The Life of Solomon  11 Elijah and Elisha 2kings2  12 Elijah vs. Jezebel

Fall 2013

1-The Fall of Man 2-Noah  3-Tower of Babel 
4-Abraham & Isaac 5-Joseph & Potiphar’s wife  6 Joseph – Forgiveness
 7 Moses – Birth to Exodus  8 Moses burning bush  9 Passover Lamb of God
 10 The Ten Commandments Exodus 20  11 Rahab and the 2 Spies  12 Gideon
 13 Samson

Spring 2013

God-Esteem Who Is Mature? The Resurrection
christculture What’s Trust Got to do with it?  Pressing Onward

The Kingdom of God Parables

The Lost Son Talents Mustard Seed
Parable of the Sower Vineyard Workers Good Samaritan
Unmerciful Servant Wedding Banquet Shrewd Manager
Persistent Widow Sower Talents
Hidden Treasure Weeds The Lamp


Love & the Holy Spirit  Love & Faith  Love vs. Envy  Love & Perserverance
 Love & Spiritual Gifts  Love vs Boastfulness  Love vs Dishonoring Others  Love vs Selfishness
 Love vs Anger  Love vs Holding Grudges  Love vs Pride  Love & Trusting Others

Fruit of the Spirit

Kindness to Strangers Patience with Others Committed to Being Good Peace – State of Rest
Kindness w/o Borders Patience with Yourself Valuing what is Good Being a Peacemaker
Kindness w/o Expectations Patience with God No “Goody Two Shoes” Peace with God
Love is not a Feeling Joy – Not Just Happiness Faithful in Adversity Gentleness of Jesus
Love Endures Grateful Joy Faithful to Commitments Gentleness of Heart
Loving the Unlovable Joy in the Holy Spirit Faithful in Relationships Gentle Words
Controlling our Words Controlling our Attitude

Heroes of the Bible

Adam & Eve:  God’s Power & Authority Adam & Eve: Humanity’s Tragic Loss Noah: Infectious Evil
Abraham: God’s Desire for Relationship Abraham: A Strange Way of Keeping Promises Moses: Leadership w/o Arrogance
David: Passionate Living David: Imperfectly Pleasing God Moses: Passing on Leadership
Jonah: Prejudice & Acceptance Jonah: Judging the Self Righteous Noah: God’s Mercy in Judgement
John the Baptist John the Baptist: Jesus Baptism Jesus: Call of the Disciples
Jesus: Jairus & the Woman Jesus: Feeding of the 5000 Jesus: Transfiguration
Lazarus Jesus: Resurrection Steven: Stoned
Philip: Meets the Eunich Jesus: Garden of Gethsemane Paul : Life Changed
Jesus: Wedding at Cana


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