2022 Summer Contract

This agreement of lease, made and entered into this ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­______ day of ___________, of 20___ by and between XA@UA,Inc. and CHI ALPHA MINISTRIES (hereinafter referred to as “Owner” and “Agent”, respectively), and ________________________(Tenant) and/or the financial responsible party, ie. Parent or guardian_______________________________.  I am requesting a Single ____ Double ______ room.  Preferred Roommate ___________________________ for a double room.


_____1.  ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible to live in the Chi Alpha (XA) House, a student must be enrolled in the University of Arkansas or Northwest Arkansas Community College, OR be between the ages 18-25 & work 40 hours a week. Room preference will be given in order to: XA Student Leaders, Ambassadors, Active Members, then Attendees.  (If space is available, other students may be considered as tenants pending approval of the House Director and the President of XA@UA,inc.) 

_____2.  DESCRIPTION AND TERMS: Landlord, in consideration of the rent reserved herein to be paid by said Tenant or parent/guardian and of the covenants, agreements, and conditions hereinafter contained to be kept, performed and observed by said Tenant, does hereby let and lease unto said Tenant the Premises of one bedroom (single room) or one half bedroom (double room) of the Chi Alpha House on 612 No. Leverett in Fayetteville, Arkansas (“Premises”) to be used and occupied by said Tenant for the purpose of serving God through the ministry of Chi Alpha, housing and community living, governed by the terms of this agreement, the Rules and Regulations set forth by Chi Alpha Ministries, and the Board of Directors of Chi Alpha Ministries.  The Chi Alpha house is for the expressed purpose of hosting the ministries of Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship.  Tenants are graciously using the facilities of the Ministry and therefore must keep it clean to the best of their ability.

_____3.  TERM:  This contract is entered into for the Summer Term.   For the purposes of this contract, the summer Term is defined as beginning at 4 PM, Saturday, graduation day of the spring semester.and ending at noon the day before the fall semester.   Fobs will expire ending at noon the day before the fall semester begins. 

Students are expected to vacate their rooms at the appropriate time at the end of each semester following proper checkout procedures.  It is expressly understood that this Lease is for the term set forth above, and the fact that Tenant should no longer be a resident of the community in which the Premises are located, should be transferred, should cease to be actively enrolled in school, or cease to live in the unit, the Tenant’s responsibility shall nonetheless continue for the full term. Terms can be adjusted for special circumstances with approval of the Chi Alpha House committee.  At the end of the contract period, Tenant must comply with the proper checkout procedure: checkout sheet must be signed by the RA, RD, and House Director; fob returned, change of address card signed, & refrigerator cleaned out. The deposit will not be returned for failure to comply with the checkout procedure or for late checkout after posted XA House closing hours.

_____4.  RENT:  Tenant or parent/guardian does hereby promise to pay, as a rent for a double or single room, the amount listed on the Rate and Fee Agreement Page of this document (Page 4) in lawful money of the United States on the Fifteenth day of the month beginning the lease per semester. The Rate and Fee Agreement Page  is a part of this contract.

Yearly or Semester Rent shall be paid at the Chi Alpha House office. No justification will be recognized as refusal to make prompt rental payments by virtue of any defective and/or operative condition that develops.  Late payments will be charged $1/50 per day for 5 days, Late payment after 5 days will result in the fob being turned off.  Non-payment will result in removal from the premises.  If contract is canceled, tenant will still be responsible for payment throughout the contract period. 

______5.  UTILITIES:  Owner will pay all utilities.  Utilities include gas, water, & electricity. High-speed, wireless internet.  Cable TV is wired to the tenant rooms, but will be paid by the tenants if they so choose.

______6.  MEAL PLAN:  A Meal Plan is not provided at the Chi Alpha House.  Tenants are allowed to use the kitchen facilities to prepare meals, as well as given space in the kitchen cabinets and refrigerators to store food. This is a privilege which can be revoked by the Owner if the Kitchen area is not kept clean. Tenants can purchase a Meal Plan from the U of A if they choose.

______7.  SECURITY DEPOSIT: A security deposit of two hundred fifty dollars ($350.00) shall be collected from the Tenant when Lease is executed.  Deposit shall be refunded within thirty (45) days after the Premises have been vacated if upon inspection, the Premises are found to be in good condition as at the beginning of the Lease, and after all semester fines have been assessed.  $50 will be withheld from the deposit for  cleaning and painting after checkout, therefore $150 is the maximum deposit refund. Fines may be assessed for damage to or loss of property both in student rooms and in public areas; for damage to student rooms that is found within 10 days after the student has checked out, provided the room has not been reoccupied; for failure to adhere to the Rules and Regulations of the Chi Alpha House; and for unpaid fines through the semester.

______8.  RULES AND REGULATIONS: Tenants and their guest shall comply with all Rules and Regulations set forth by Chi Alpha Ministries.  The Rules and Regulations will be considered as part of the Lease.  Tenants shall agree to help inform all persons using the Chi Alpha House facilities of all Rules and Regulations.  Owner and Agent reserve the right from time to time to make reasonable changes to the Rules and Regulations and, upon notification to Tenant of such changes, such new Rules and Regulations shall be deemed as equally binding upon Tenant as if originally set forth herein.

The purpose of living in the Chi Alpha house is fourfold: 1. To Serve God through the ministry of Chi Alpha. 2. To Learn to live in Christian Community. 3. To Grow in the Lord personally. 4 For Evangelism of the University.

Tenant agrees to represent Chi Alpha Ministries as part of this contract and will be held accountable to attend the following: A.) Sunday morning services at a local church of their choice, B) Last Call meetings held weekly on Wednesday evenings, C.) Twice a month tenant meeting, & D) Weekly tenant chores.

______9.  CONDITION OF PREMISES: Tenant shall not make any alterations to Premises without agent’s written consent.  Tenant shall not put any holes in the walls. Tenants agree to keep and maintain cleanliness in the Chi Alpha House in normal everyday living conditions.  General indoor cleanliness (ie. Cleaning bathrooms, dusting, vacuuming, picking up trash, etc…)  and outdoor yard (ie. cutting the grass once a week, keeping the yard clear of trash, tree limbs, etc…) is expected.  A special effort to maintain cleanliness is requested by the Owner during special events held at the Chi Alpha House such as: Weekly Last Call Meetings, Free Food Friday, Homecoming, Open House, XA House parties, etc.  Chi Alpha Ministries will from time to time hold a workday to improve the premises. 

______10.  NON-LIABILITY OF OWNER AND/OR AGENT: The Tenant covenants that neither the Owner nor its Agent shall be liable for any damages or injury of the Tenant, the Tenant’s guest, or employees or to any person entering the Premises or building of which the Premises are a part, or to goods therein resulting from any accident or incident, and further to indemnify and save the Owner and its Agents harmless from all claims of every kind and nature.  Owner recommends that the tenants obtain rental personal property insurance and personal liability insurance.

______11.  OWNER’S RIGHT OF INSPECTION AND ENTRY: Tenant agrees to permit the Owner or its Agents to enter these premises to make inspections and repairs, after first notifying the Tenant, unless an emergency condition exists or Owner has reason to suspect a violation of the terms of this Lease.  Chi Alpha Ministries must acknowledge and respect the rights and personal properties of the Tenants, such as food, furniture, and peaceful enjoyment of the Premises.  All persons must obtain Tenants’ permission to enter upstairs units of the Premises. Periodic room inspections will be held by the Resident Director throughout the semester.

______12.  ASSIGNMENT OR SUBLETTING: The Tenant covenants that he or she will not allow anyone to share said premises, keep roomers, or boards, nor assign, sublet, or transfer said premises to any part thereof.

______13.  DEFAULT:  If Tenant defaults from this Lease in any way, the Owner or Agent may re-enter and repossess the said premises and remove and put out Tenant and each and every occupant.  Default on the contract negates the return of the Security Deposit.  Process and late payment fees for installment plans are listed on Rate and Fee Agreement Page.  Termination of possession rights or subsequent re-letting by Landlord for ANY breach of this Lease by Tenant shall not release Tenant from liability for future rentals under this Lease (less any amounts paid by future tenants, if any, in the Unit for the balance of Tenant’s Lease Term.

______14.  ABANDONMENT OF PERSONAL PROPERTY:  Personal property left in a room or storage area after the resident has moved out, shall be deemed to have been abandoned and will be removed and disposed of at the discretion of the House Pastor.  Chi Alpha Ministries shall not be responsible or liable for any losses of or damages to any abandoned property. 

______15.  PET POLICY: NO PETS are allowed on the Premises.

______16.  PARKING: A semester parking permit is provided to the Tenant prior to moving into the room .Only Tenants and staff will be allowed to park in the Chi Alpha House parking lot. An additional off-campus parking permit may be purchased from the U of A if Tenant wishes to have access to all off-campus parking lots on the U of A campus. Tenants may be asked to relocate their cars from time to time to accommodate alumni, visitors, fball parking fund raiser, or special occasions.

______17. No open flames in rooms.  No regular candles to be burned in the rooms.

______18.  No space heaters in the rooms.


TENANT   ________________________________        DATE __________          CAMPUS MINISTER  _________________________      DATE _____________

Application for room lease:

Last Name______________________________________       First Name__________________________________________

Birth date__________        Major/Degree_________________________      Year (Undergrad)______(Graduate)___________

E-mail:________________________________________ Current mailing address:___________________________________

City______________________________________      State_______               Zip__________ phone ___________________                Cell Phone _____________________              

Parent(s) or guardian   Father’s Name_________________      Mother’s Name__________________

E-mail:_____________________________________________ Home Address:______________________________________ City______________________________________   State_______               Zip______________________      Cell _________________       Work phone______________________

Allergies/Medical Issues:_______________________________________________________________________

Emergency contact:

Name___________________________       Relationship__________________________       Phone Number_______________

Name___________________________       Relationship__________________________       Phone Number_______________

Name___________________________       Relationship__________________________       Phone Number_______________


Name__________________________________________       Phone Number________________________________

Name__________________________________________       Phone Number________________________________

Name__________________________________________       Phone Number_________________________________

Please give following information for the person financially responsible for this contract if other than parents:


E-mail:____________________________________ Home Address:________________________________________ City_____________________State_______Zip_________

Cell ____________________


Credit Card: Visa Discover Mastercard Other __________________________ Credit Card No: _____________________________________________

Name on Card ________________________________________________ Exp Date: ________________ CVV __________

Note:  All Invoices will be submitted to both responsible party and tenant. TENANT   _____________________________          DATE   ____________                          CAMPUS MINISTER  ____________________ DATE _____________

Rate and Fee Agreement Page


 Charges for Summer SemesterDouble Room Per SummerSingle Room Per Summer
Room Rental Fee  $1200$1575
  Total Charges  $1200$ 1575
 Double Room Per SemesterSingle Room Per Semester
Summer Sessions – charged per month
Mini Sessions available – prorated to meet summer class needs.

Process and Late Payment Fees for installment plans

1. A Seven-day grace period will be extended for late payments.  After which a onetime $15.00 fee will be assessed and a $1.50 per day late fee will incur after the due date. 

2. Twenty-one days after the due date the tenant will be asked to begin making arrangements for housing beginning the 30th day from due date.  Parents will be contacted by phone to inform of these procedures.

3. On the 30th day the tenant will need to move out until such a time as the charges are paid in full.  Tenant will turn in their proximity card and room key and will need to make arrangements for parking with the U of A.