Kyle & Heather Hughes

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Kyle and Heather have been married for nearly 15 years! They have 3 children Sophi, Barrett, and Brady who bring them so much joy! They have served in several ministry roles over the span of their marriage including youth pastors, associate pastors, worship leaders, and college and young adult pastors. Heather has been leading worship since she was 14, and is the director of the women’s ministry at her local church.

Since graduating from Central Bible College in 2007 Kyle has pastored college students and young adults for 8 years. This is where his heart began to turn to the university and Chi Alpha. His experiences, gifts, and passion all intersect on the college campus.

Kyle and Heather love to drink good coffee, go riding in their jeep, travel to new places, and hang out with their friends. Heather has a knack for business and is gifted in administration. She’s efficient and gets the job done! Kyle is more likely to be wandering around somewhere thinking deeply about something, or meeting with someone in a coffee shop for one-on-one discipleship. They have very different skill sets, but they make a great team!