Parable of the Talents

Consider what you have, what you have been given by God.  Both our abilities and our salvation come from God our Creator and Savior.  He has entrusted us with valuable things.  He expects us to use them for His business, the business of building relationships- Us to others, others to Him. Will you use them? How?


Share Stories- Share a time when you felt jealous because you thought that someone else received something that you thought was better than what you received.  e.i.- you received a bad Christmas present and you thought your sibling received a good one.

Hot Seat- Have someone sit in the middle and have people in the group tell a story about the person in the middle encouraging their walk with Jesus or how they have influenced others for Christ well.

Physical– Play a betting game, poker, basketball HORSE, etc.  After a few rounds stop and discuss peoples betting strategy.  What makes a good betting Strategy?  What makes something worth the risk of going all in?  Is it ever a good strategy to not even bet?  Does it change the game when you know you can’t actually lose?

Mental- Do a personality test or spiritual gifting test.

Create- Divide group into 3 groups.   To group A give only paper, to group B give paper and black ink pens,  to group C give paper, black ink pens, and color markers.  Instruct each group to create something artistic that shares the gospel, but they can only use what they have been given.

Watch- A video of someone sharing their testimony of how Jesus changed their life.  (if you need help finding one, try there are lots of “changed” videos.


Watch- This slam poetry clip.  Discuss if they know people who are almost saved?  Are they living a life that is almost saved? What are some of the main differences in saved and almost saved?

 Main Points

  1. We are created to spread the Gospel.
  2. Every person is created with God given abilities to share.
  3. God expects a return on His investment.


Matthew 25:14- 30

–  To each believer we are given a great investment, the Hope of Jesus Christ.  Every believer has been given the Truth and it is expected that we will invest that into others.  Some believers have natural abilities/strengths that allows them to share Jesus with many people (Naturally outgoing, good at speaking, good at writing, charism), other people are naturally quiet, shy, etc. but they are still expected to share Jesus with those that they can.

–  When Jesus returns He will take an account of what we have done with our knowledge of the way to Salvation.

–  Those who have worked with what God has given us (our natural abilities) we will be rewarded, but if we simply sit on the knowledge and claim that we are keeping it safe(protecting ourselves) we will not even have it in the end. (Or perhaps you never had it in the first place?)

Other scripture that go with this message

Ester 4:14

-God places specific people in specific places to take advantage of the placement.  The classes you will take, the people you will sit next to, your lab partners, need to be invested in, perhaps only you can make that investment.

1 Cor. 12: 21-26

–  God has created us all differently, to be used differently, by Him.  No one person is more important than another, they are simply in a different place and have a different function.

1 Cor. 12: 27-31

–  God has given different people different spiritual gifts.  Variety is good, use them and desire them.

Psalm 139

-God knows everything about you, the parts you like and the parts you don’t like.  He knew you before you were born and He choose how you were to be put together.

The Book of Judges- Is full of people that God used to all do the same job, but each person was different.  Ehud was sneaky, Deborah was a woman, Gideon was the least of the least, Jephthah was the son of a prostitute, Samson had very poor choice in women, and those are just a few of them.   All of them warned Israel that what they were doing was wrong and lead Israel back to the one true God.

Rev. 3: 15 & 16

– God doesn’t want us to be almost saved, he wants us to be confident enough in our relationship with Him that we can take risks and invest in others.

 Human Struggles

There is risk involved with sharing the gospel, people fear that risk.

Personal comparisons of our God given abilities.  Feelings of inadequacy.

Applications Helps

Pray– Pray for “Gifts” that will help you share the gospel and for the courage to use them

Do– Take a spiritual giftings test and or a personality test.  Brain storm ways that you can use your strengths to share the gospel.

Encourage- Brain storm ways that each person in the group can share Christ with others over the course of the next time period, (i.e. semester, summer, future job)

Discuss– How can you use your major to share the gospel?  What kinds of jobs can you get with your major?  What can you do at that work place to share?  (lunch break bible study, put up personal things that have scripture, arrive on time, work hard, be a great worker, have an excellent work ethic)

Create- Make a video of “your story” of how God changed your life and post it on Facebook or YouTube, tag your friends.

Brainstorm- Who are the “people” you have been uniquely created to invest in? Consider how you can use your one of a kind personality to share Jesus with others.