Assurance of Salvation

Objective:  The person will be able confidently to express to another person his own assurance of salvation based on the word of God and his personal faith in Jesus Christ.

1. Go over the gospel message with the person again.

2.  Ask him to tell you how he knows he is a Christian.  Listen carefully and respond to any problems he may have in his understanding of the Gospel.

3.  Do a Bible study on assurance of salvation.

*note – without a thorough knowledge of the message of the gospel, Satan will always have ground to bring their salvation into question.  You might want to go over each point of the Gospel individually and ask if they have any questions, thoughts, or concerns.

Three ways we can know that we know we are saved.


Do you see that your salvation is not based on emotions alone?  No matter how you  feel at the moment this verse does not change.  There may be times that I am feeling down, discouraged, even depressed, but this verse does not change.   Satan will try to convince you that you are not saved, just quote this scripture.  “…I write these things to you … so that you may know that you have eternal life.”

Can you think of some times that Satan has tried to bring your salvation into question?

When Satan can bring up the sin question in your mind, he has successfully stopped the  growth in your spiritual life.  This is the same old tactic Satan has used throughout the ages.  Do you see in Genesis 3:1 the first part of what the crafty serpent, Satan, said to Eve?  “Did God really say,…?”  Satan is questioning the revelation of God to Eve?  Satan is not a creative being like God, so he repeats the same old tactics he has done throughout time.  Satan is just trying to bring up the sin question in your mind, when he knows that you are saved by the blood of Christ and forgiven completely.

II.  STAND ON THE PROMISES OF GOD  John 3:16, Romans 10:9,10,13

Can you think of any Bible verse you already have memorized that states you have  eternal life?  There are  numbers of verses that promise assurance of salvation.

The old hymn says I’m standing on the promises of God.   Jesus used the Word of God  to keep back the temptations of Satan.  We must also use the Word of God to increase our faith and stand against Satan’s attacks on our assurance of eternal life.


The Holy Spirit will testify with your spirit that you are saved.  This occurs in different ways to various people.  God, the Holy Spirit, will give you a witness in your spirit that you have eternal life.  When you were born in sin (Romans 3:23) your spirit lay dormant within you.  At the time you trusted Jesus for your salvation, the Spirit of God breathed life into your dormant spirit and you were born again (John 3:3-6).