Global Vision

This tool is designed for you to enable others to see their need to grow in the area of becoming a Global Christian and how to practically get there. It will present them with a challenge to grow and an opportunity to let you start training them.

Draw two stick men a couple of inches apart on a piece of paper. Label the first Christian and the other Global Christian.


Christan                                                                                               Global Christian

Ask them “What do you think the difference is between the Christian and the Global Christian?”

Define what a Global Christian is: A Christian who has discovered the truth and need of God’s unfulfilled global purpose to reach all peoples. They are those who realize that as Christians they are responsible to act, pray, think, and believe according to their knowledge of this truth.

Explain that there should not be a difference between the Christian and the Global Christian and that every Christian should have a heart for the world. However, our culture has separated the two. Explain to them that the Global Christian has been exposed to 3 aspects of God that either the Christian has never heard or just does not care about. (List them under Global Christian as you walk them through it.)

1. God’s Word: Ask, “Do you know any verses regarding God’s heart for the world?” Try to press them to keep giving you verses especially after they have used the usual ones. After their list, tell them the mission verses in the Old and New Testament and help them to see the Bible as one book. Scriptures: Genesis 1:28, 9:1, 11:1-8, 12:1-4, 26:4, 28:14, Deut. 4:5-6, Joshua 2:9-10, 1 Kings 4:34, Matthew 24:14, Mark 16:15, Revelation 5:9

2. God’s World: Ask, “Do you know the basic world religions?” Walk them through the major religions of Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Tribals, and Chinese. Give a glimpse of each one and tell where they are located. “Are you familiar with the 10/40 window?”

The vast majority of these unreached people live in an area of the world nicknamed the “10/40 window.” The 10/40 window is simply a term used to describe a region of the world within 10 and 40 degrees latitude from Western Africa to Eastern Asia. If you were to draw it on a map, the top would go from Portugal through Japan and the bottom would go from Guinea through the bottom tip of India all the way to the Philippines. This is an important region to think about as a World Christian because most of the people who have not had an opportunity to hear the gospel live here. The 31 least reached countries in the world are in this “window.”

Draw out a quick map and show them where it would be.

3. God’s Work: Ask, “Have you heard any statistics recently?” Tell them the number of missionaries or the disproportion of money and missionaries in light of the 10/40 window. “What missionaries of old are you familiar with?” Share with them a story of a missionary.

Draw a horizontal line between the two stick men and ask them to place themselves on the line (hand them the pen).


Christian      ———————————————-       Global Christian

Ask them what it would take for them to become a Global Christian? What would their life look like? How would this change the way they live life right now?

Explain to them that God wants them to become a Global Christian and that you would like to help them get there.

Explain Chi Alpha’s Mission Statement: Every student goes, every student gives, and every student prays.

Show and explain them the 8 main avenues to involve themselves to grow as a Global Christian.

1. Supporting Missionaries. What better way to invest in God’s heart for the world than to give money to those actually working for God. 2. Mission Trips. Share with them the importance of their summer or spring break and how they choose to spend it. Cast vision for short-term trips. Chi Alpha goes on spring break trips to other college campuses and once a year goes to another country.

3. Websites. Explain to them the major websites that will help them move towards this goal by bringing articles, profiles and news to them.,,

4. Books. Help them to see the value of starting a missions library while they are in college. Give them examples of books that have impacted your life.

5. Lessons 1-12. Go over the lessons on The Traveling Team’s website and why they are important for them to go through.

6. Reaching out to Internationals. Cast vision for them to see the amount of internationals that are in the community and on campus. Help them with some practical steps of reaching the world at their door.

7. Prayer. Show them the way to bring God’s heart for the world to their prayer closet. Help them with resources to enhance their prayer time.

Note: The next step is optional. If the student you are meeting with seems hungry to learn and teachable, you might want to continue to cast vision for them as a Campus Mobilizer.

Transition to their specific potential and how you would like to see them impart vision to others as a college student.

Draw the third stick man past the Global Christian and label him Campus Mobilizer.

Christian                                                                    Global Christian                                                                                Campus Mobilizer

Ask them what they think the difference between a Global Christian and a Campus Mobilizer is.

Show them that the Global Christian is focused on learning the three areas, but a Campus Mobilizer can actually take a person who is a Christian to become a Global Christian.

Brief them on what a Campus Mobilizer role would be on campus and how as a Campus Mobilizer they would be taking personal responsibility for the Christian students on this campus and help them grow as well.

Let them know that you want to expand their vision but now just to impact their life. Explain to them their potential impact on the campus. Close with asking them if they would like you to fuel them with resources to equip them to become a Campus Mobilizer.