How To Make a Wise Decision

  1. First of all, you pray before and after each of these points. Isaiah 9:6 calls Jesus the Wonderful Counselor, therefore we must seek The Counselor’s advise first, second, often, and last. So Pray.
  2. Seek council from your elders.
  3. Parents have invested large sums of time into your life and probably know you better than anyone else. Most often they have your best interest in mind. We’re commanded to honor our parents to live a long time and there is no better way to honor your parents than to seek their advice on the decisions of your life.  It is not honoring your parents for you to make a Life Decision before seeking their council.
  4. Pastor – Your Campus Pastor has spent many hours praying for you. His wisdom concerning your life while in college will be invaluable. Also talk to your Local Church Pastor or Pastor back home.
  5. Small Group Leader – Your Small Group Leader mentions you everyday in the presence of God and already knows much about your life as a student. He/She is also a student and would have valuable advice for you.
  6. Your Professor or Advisor.


Seek council from your Peers.

  1. Christian friends –

a.)  The Christian Friends who are in your network of college friends.  They’ll have insight into your situation and generally give good advice.  Those in your Small Group.

b.)  The Christian Friends who are not in your network of college friends. 

  1. Non – Christian Friends often give very good practical advice concerning living life. Be sure to be aware of the warning in Psalms 1:1 against taking bad counsel from sinners.


  1. Consider all the circumstances surrounding the situation thoroughly.
  2. You cannot have considered all the circumstances without having sought council from elders and peers.
  3. This simply takes time and even research sometimes.
  4. Answer all the journalism questions. What/Who will this effect …?  How will this …?  When is the best timing…?  Where would be the… ?  Why should I …?  Why am I …?
  5. This is a great time to create 2 columns on a pad and write down pros and cons.


  1. Get a Bible Scripture – Book, Chapter, & Verse.
  2. This should come from where you are currently reading in the Bible. Not just throwing the Bible down and putting your finger on a random passage hoping God will guide you. 
  1. What if you first open up to the passage that says, “Be not hearers of the word but doers also.” Next you open to the passage that says, “Whatsoever thou doest, doest thou quickly.” You think, well I still need a word, so you open again and your finger lands on the passage where Judas went out and hung himself. No random flipping through the Bible and drop your finger on a passage hoping this is God.


  1. Get a peace from God.

Having a peace in your inner spirit about the decision is essential to a well thought out wise decision.  There can be no peace within you if your decision sets you in opposition to your parents, your spiritual authority or the Word of God. To claim you are making this decision because you have a ‘peace from God’ without the blessing of those in authority over you is to live in open rebellion against God.

Pray some more.

Once you’ve made your decision, act and don’t look back.  Many people waste so much of their time wondering if they made the right decision about something that happened years ago.  Just move on with what God is telling you now.