Earn your Bible College Degree for $275 per credit hour!                                                                                               

Beginning Fall 2018, Chi Alpha is an extension site for Southwestern Assemblies of God University.  Students can earn an online degree program, and fulfill their practical ministry experience here at Chi Alpha in Fayetteville.  Undergraduate degrees include Associates Degree in Church Ministries, General Studies, Business Administration, Addictions Counseling, and Human Services; Bachelors Degree in Church Leadership, Business Administration, or Human Services; We also offer a Master’s Degree in Practical Theology, Organizational Leadership, and Business Administration.

A SAGU online degree will offer all the academics required to earn a 2 year/4 year degree, plus offers hands on ministry experience.  Coursework is transferable to other colleges and universities.  The online instructors are academically qualified and have years of practical experience in ministry and in the marketplace. Many of the available degrees include the 8 General Biblical Studies courses that meet the educational requirement for Licensed Minister Credentials with the Assemblies of God.

Students receive 50% tuition discount for both undergrad and Master’s Degrees.  Students can also apply for Federal Financial Aid including loans and grants.

Chi Alpha has housing available for qualified students.  Chi Alpha also has a staff of Licensed/Ordained Ministers to help with the practical ministry aspect of the program.   Call or text Dana Hoover (479-601-7926) with questions


Steps to enroll in SAGU Chi Alpha

  1. Apply:  SAGU.edu/apply
  2. From your 3 options, choose PARTNER SITE.  Choose the drop down for SAGU  Chi Alpha
  3. Set up your account
  4. Fill out the application
  5. Upload necessary documents

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