Susan Abshier

Intern 2022-2023

Meet Susan! She is a recent graduate of Arkansas State University with a BSE Degree in Middle-level Education. This God-fearing woman will greet you with a big smile and a warm embrace. Susan sees the value of every individual and makes it a point to remind them of it. 

Susan longs to share the joyous news of God’s love with people of all nations, cultures, and languages. Susan has a special heart for opening her life, heart, and home up to all students, especially international students. Showing Kingdom Hospitality and celebrating cultural differences is where she thrives. 

If you need someone to listen to you, she will be there. She is intentional in all of her relationships and has an ear for the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Susan loves deeply and her patience shows that she is in it for the long run. Even still, Susan is human, just like you, and is not afraid to show how, in her weakness, God is her strength. He is her peace, her joy, her everything.

In her free time, Susan enjoys hammocking, reading, creating music, and cooking for friends. If you leave her home hungry it is your own fault. Though she is a planner, she is always up for spontaneous adventures! She loves to teach but loves learning even more. She may not know all the answers but she will point you to who does.