What to do AFTER Salvation

Oh My Goodness, My Friend Got Saved, Now What Do I Do?

I. At the Moment of Salvation

  1. Ask them the Two Questions for “Assurance of Salvation.”
  2. Explain the Lordship of Christ – The Boss
  3. Share the Means of Growth as a New Jesus Follower – The Wheel
  4. Give them a Bible Reading Assignment – John 1 (Explain Jn 1:1)
  5. Have them to tell someone about their getting saved at that moment.

Rev. 12:11 “… they over came by the word of their testimony.”

  1. Set an appointment within the next 24 hours to get together. (If that’s not possible, schedule a phone appointment.
  2. Share John 1:12 (NIV)
  3. Within the First Week
  4. Take a “maternity leave” from the cares of life. Be with them at least 3 times the first week.
  5. The 24 hour follow up appointment
  6. Listen – Questions: How was your first day? Who did you tell? In what way did you get tempted by the devil?
  7. Share a one on one. Probably “Assurance of Salvation.”
  8. Share the Parable of the Sower Mark 4:14 …
  9. Rocky Ground When trails come not if. NO ROOT
  10. Thorny Ground – Provide opportunity for you to speak into their lives later.
  11. Good Ground – good goal
  12. Challenge them to Share Jesus with their lost friends.
  13. Host a “One Week Birthday Party” for them. Use a candle or match with “fire.” Invite Christian friends.

III. After the First Week

  1. Plug them into a Cell Group.
  2. Get them into specific weekly accountability // Checking their Vital Signs weekly
  3. Find something for them to do for Jesus within the ministry. They must feel needed.
  4. Create seven Bridges into the ministry.
  5. Continue to share all of the one on ones with them faithfully. (You helped birth the baby, don’t throw it out into the street.)
  6. Set appointments with their lost friends who they think are interested and share the gospel letting them give their testimony.
  7. Begin helping them to learn to share their faith and 1 on 1’s with others.
  8. Help them with their new converts.
  9. Share the vision of becoming a Disciple Maker.